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Documentation and Recommendations Concerning Determination of Eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places of Haskell Indian Nations University and the Baker Wetlands

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Main Report (124k) |

Figure 1. Location of Haskell University and Baker Wetlands (165k) |
Figure 2. Baker Wetlands in Relation to Haskell Campus (104k) |
Figure 3. View of Haskell Main Campus-Quadrangle Area (397k) |
Figures 4-7. Atlas views of Haskell/U.S. Government Land (323k) |
Figure 8. Baker Wetlands North-South Drainage Canal 1919 (449k) |
Figure 9. Layout of Upper and Lower Haskell Farm in 1919 (201k) |
Figure 10. View of Haskell Farm Northern Portion, 1910 (197k) |
Figure 11. Students Hoeing in the Upper Farm, c. 1915 (374k) |
Figure 12. Tractor Pull Demonstration at Haskell Farm, 1920 (269k) |
Figures 13-14. Views of Haskell Farm, 1920 (376k) |
Figure 15. 1925 View of the Haskell Farm (367k) |
Figure 16. The 1926 Powwow Tent Village at the Haskell Farm (431k) |
Figure 17. View of Haskell Main Campus, 1937 (387k) |
Figure 18. Haskell Historic Landmark Properties, 1986 Form (126k) |
Figure 19. Government Indian Schools, 1899 (83k) |
Figures 20-23. Views of Campus and Medicine Wheel (249k) |
Figure 24-25. West and East Views of 35th Street (454k) |
Figure 26-27. Northeast and Northwest Views of Baker Wetlands (64k) |
Figure 28. Locations of Haskell Dump, Water Control Structures (485k) |
Figure 29-30. Haskell Dump, View North at North-South Canal (326k) |
Figure 31-32. Views at Canal/Levee, Water Control Structure #1 (305k) |
Figure 33-34. Views at Water Control Structures #2 and #3 (447k) |
Figure 35. Aerial Photo, October 1937, showing Haskell Farm (327k) |
Figure 36. Aerial Photo from 2001 Showing Baker Wetlands (129k) |
Figure 37. Proposed Haskell U./Haskell Farm Historic District (105k) |

Appendix A:

National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings (392k) |
National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form Part I |
 Includes basic information on the Haskell properties and a detailed description of their significance. (309k)
National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form Part II |
 Includes boundary information for the Haskell properties. (352k)

Appendix B:
Kansas State Historic Preservation Officer Correspondence (461k) |

Appendix C:
Buildings on the Haskell Indian Nations University Campus (261k)

Following are the Kansas Historic Resources Inventory Reconnaissance Forms filed for places on the Haskell University campus that may be eligible for the Kansas Historic Register. These forms document historic use, date of construction, legal description, and other information about these properties.

Pocahontas Hall and Pushamtaha Hall (299k) |
Bandstand and Tecumseh Hall (299k) |
Hiawatha Hall and the Auditorium (303k) |
Haskell Stadium and Sports Facility (190k) |
Haskell Cemetary and Dairy Barn/Warehouse (293k) |
Powhatan Hall and Kiva Hall (302k) |
Pontiac Hall and Minoka Hall (295k) |
Blue Eagle Hall and Sequoyah Hall (214k) |

Appendix D:
Baker University Wetlands-History Since 1968, by Dr. Roger Boyd (75k)