How Impatient Girls Can Be, Especially Escorts

Working as an escort is fun and the women are beautiful with hourglass figures. But just like anyone else, they also get nervous and impatient in certain situations. You, therefore, need to understand how to handle them when you meet. 

Strong and mature men will understand that the escort girls are also at work. So if you want to have a good time with them you have to ensure you also contribute to her having a good time. 

Maintain a good hygiene

A good first impression matters anywhere. An escort girl will judge you by your appearance and as much as it won’t affect the way she satisfies you it makes her impatient. However, for Dubai escort, if you maintain hygiene and grooming you will stand out just as your bedroom skills. If they find you attractive it is an added advantage. Below are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

  • Fingernails: ensure you trim your nails to avoid scratching the girl.
  • Hair: take some time to wash your hair before the meet-up. 
  • Beard: trim it if it’s very long, make sure you clean your face.

Be respectful

Maintaining good hygiene means you go the extra mile, which is great. Yet doing all that without an ounce of respect will soil the image and make you look ugly. It is only human nature to make judgments based on actions and words as well. This means that if you are well-kempt but disrespectful an escort might refuse to give you company.

Regulars become favorites

Most of the escort girls will become fond of you if you are regular. This is because of various reasons. Spending quality time with a regular client is fun since it becomes more than just a business. 

It’s like having a good time with a friend. It is a bonus because it also reduces your chances of contracting STIs. It can get frustrating on the escort’s side if a client gets too pushy. You should avoid crossing the set boundaries as much as you are a familiar face. 

You came for fun, so relax

After all is said and done, remember that you are there to have a good time. Whether you came for a massage or an evening date night, try to chill and enjoy the moment. Communicate your expectations and don’t assume that the model can predict. Communicating beforehand can help avoid misunderstandings. Other things you can do for a call girl include:

  • Avoid over-negotiations.
  • Give the escort a tip to feel appreciated for the service.
  • March 25, 2023