Learn about the International Types of Escort Services

Unlike a few years ago when escorting wasn’t common, today the escorting business is quite widespread. Provided you follow the rules and protect yourself health-wise and from scammers, you can enjoy the services of these stunning beauties. If you’ve never tried them you will be impressed. Let’s check out some of the common escorting services offered internationally.

Agency escorts

Agency employees charge more and work from various locations. Their charges are higher than any other type of escort service. Since they thoroughly screen their girls, they offer more security for your health and other aspects. 

These days many agencies have websites where you can see the profile of each model. You can also apply filters to make your choice.

Independent call girl services

Independent escorts like to stay away from the public eye. They include both men and women and mainly operate in private places such as their hotel rooms or apartments. If you book an outcall session, they will come to your place but you will pay a higher price. 

This kind of escort charges higher rates depending on other things such as the number of times you have sex and the number of people participating. Since they are their own bosses, they determine the prices as well as the rules. Check out their galleries on their profile as well as their bio to see how much they charge.

Bar girl

This kind is found in casinos and bars. This service is mainly common in Singapore and Thailand, and the rates are lower compared to other places. When you decide to have a good time with them, you will agree on the prices. If you get lucky you can find one that agrees to act as your girlfriend for as long as you want, provided she gets the perks of having the role.

Brothel worker

It is common knowledge that brothels are places that offer sex. Just like agencies, where employees have to give the brothel owners a cut of their pay. Unlike other types of escorts, there is a timeframe for your visits, despite the affordable rates. 

Window worker

This service is available in Amsterdam. The women display themselves seductively in the windows to entice the tourists visiting the city. Since the government is aware of the events, all the rooms are cleaned and screened. The workers, who include even men, are occasionally tested for STIs and must wear protection during sex. 

Sure, this is not an extensive list. Some other services you might want to check out are streetwalker, massage parlor worker and beer girls.

  • March 28, 2023