What You Need To Know About Escorts Before Visiting Dubai

Dubai is a city with countless shopping malls, beaches, and beautiful sites that are worth exploring with a beautiful woman. If it’s your first time looking for an escort the experience can be an ordeal. 

You might not know what to do and where to begin. Since escorts are classy girls you have to maintain high standards and ensure you treat them right. This is what you need to know about escorts before you head to Dubai.

Stick to the plan

When you agree with the escort, stick to it when you meet. This can help you avoid embarrassment or disagreements. You can always ask them if they need anything that you can bring along such as refreshments or a special request. Doing so will put them in a good mood by the time you get there and spice things up in preparation for your session.

They love class

Before heading for a session, shave, shower and brush your teeth. While at it you can throw on some nice clothes and cologne to smell nice. The escort girls are elegant and most probably won’t appreciate someone with poor hygiene and style. 

Cash is the preferred method of payment

Most agencies might accept transactions with cards. But when you are visiting an independent escort it is better to carry cash rather than a card. When the session ends, pay the agreed amount and avoid trying to negotiate. Cash is better because no one will get your details in case you need to be discreet. This way it will be easier to tip if you want to.

Your health is a priority

Escorts are stunning when you check their profiles and when you meet their dazzling appearance and body appeal will leave you wanting more. Although agencies screen their employees for any diseases, it’s not the same case for independent call girls. Staying cautious is therefore the top priority when looking for a Dubai escort for fellowship. 

Caution is key

If you are unlucky or choose a poor escort service, you can meet some call girls who might want to steal from you. Some can even go the extra mile to humiliate you if they can’t get the money. If it’s your first time meeting you need to have a friend with you who will wait for you to finish. If not possible, then walk you until you make sure it’s safe before they go back. 

Other things to keep in mind include:

  • Avoid carrying huge loads of money.
  • Treat the escort respectfully.
  • Leave your cards behind.
  • March 22, 2023